The Unbelievable Story of Noella McMaher, 10-Year-Old Youngest Transgender Model

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The Unbelievable Story of Noella McMaher, 10-Year-Old Youngest Transgender Model (net worth, parents Dee McMaher, Early Life, Personal Life, Professional Life, table chart)

Noella Mcmaher, 10 made national news last week when, at a New York fashion show, she walked the runway as the youngest transgender model.

After walking the runway at New York Fashion Week for the Trans* Clothing Company brand, a 10-year-old transgender child is making waves.

Noella participated in New York Fashion Week in February as a model. However, after it was discovered that the 10-year-old has modeling jobs lined up until November, she has drawn even more attention.

Noella McMaher Early Life

Noella McMaher, who is now ten years old, was born in Chicago, USA in 2012. Timothy McCord is her biological father, and Dee McMaher is her mother. They also have a son Levi, Noella’s younger brother.

Timothy McCord is a Scientist from the Chicago area.

Despite his concern that Noella’s status as a model made it too public, McCord told the Post that he didn’t mind if Noella transitioned into a woman. Dee’s statement that Noella would undergo surgery to change her gender when she was 16 left McCord perplexed. Dee and McCord split up in 2019.

After they split up, Ray and Dee were married. Dee McMaher, 35, and Ray McMaher, 32, the model’s parents, were both biologically female but now claim they don’t belong to any particular gender.

Dee stated that when she was two years old, she began informing us that she wasn’t a guy. She underwent a social transition at age 4.5 and a legal transition at age 7.

Noella McMaher Personal Life

Her parents, two siblings, and she makes up her family. The model’s parents, Ray and Dee, are not straight.

In an interview, the model’s parents claimed that Noella disliked wearing clothes for boys and was a troublemaker as a young child.

After they finally took her to a gender clinic, Dee claimed that she had found herself after gaining her freedom to be a girl.

They said that it was their responsibility as parents to recognize the diverse needs of our three children. Dee claimed that she and Ray had a kid with Noella, who was always aware of their relationship.

According to her biological mother Dee, 35, who now identifies as a “trans masculine male” and looks up to Noella as an inspiration, Noella first came out as transgender when she was “two and a half nearing three.”

Noella’s parents, according to Dee, never informed her she should be a girl. Dee saw that the couple only owned a few pairs of shoes and lacked much in the way of fashion.

Noella, however, is the complete antithesis of them. She is obsessed with clothes, makeup, and glitter.

Noella McMaher Professional Life

On social media, Noella is active. She currently has 156 posts on Instagram and 19.1K followers. She is the newest transgender runway model in the entire world.

The mother of Noella, Dee, revealed earlier this year that Noella gave her first presentation at Chicago Fashion Week when she was just 7 years old. She watched YouTube movies to get ready after getting advice about open auditions from a transgender adolescent.

She was hired by two designers after her first audition. Since then, she has participated in two Chicago Style Weeks and a few smaller exhibitions.

Noella is a phenomenon, according to a Hollywood representative. She may only be eleven, but she already embodies so much of the state of the world today. She is the pinnacle of a woke role model, and we are starting to see more transgender models.

Noella McMaher Net Worth

Next month at New York Fashion Week, a 10-year-old transgender girl from Chicago will make her second appearance on the runway. She intends to carry out the same action in Paris the following year.

The trans model, aged 10, is said to be worth $204,000.


Dee and McCord split up years ago and divorced in 2019, but McCord said that before the divorce, he frequently saw the children.

He claimed that the family had been permanently shattered when he grabbed Noella’s arm in response to her outburst in 2016. He hasn’t seen his children since that time.

The following day, Dee called and informed him that he needed to take a break from the children because Noella had sprained her ankle. She then returned the phone and reported that Noella’s arm was fractured.

McCord claimed that after being detained and spending a couple of nights in the Cook County Jail in Chicago, he found himself in a legal nightmare. He claimed that after considering the futility of continuing the legal battle, he ultimately chose to enter a guilty plea to misdemeanor child endangerment.

We’re seeing more and more parents with Munchhausen syndrome by proxy, according to Sinead Watson, who transitioned from female to male at the age of 23 before changing her mind and “de-transitioning” four years later.

“Parents who want their children to be trans” are to blame, not the children themselves.

Noella McMaher Complete Bio in Tabular Form:

Full NameNoella McMaher
Date Of Birth2012
Place of BirthChicago, USA
ParentsBiological Father – Timothy McCord (divorced 2019)
Mother – Dee McMaher (Now Married to Ray McMaher)
SiblingsBrother – Levi and Theybie
Net worth$204 Million
Social MediaInstagram

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Q: Who is Noella McMaher?

Ans: Noella McMaher is the youngest transgender model in the New York Fashion week.

Q: Who is Noella McMaher’s father?

Ans: Timothy McCord is the biological father of Noella McMaher. He and Dee McMaher got divorced in 2019.

Q: What is Noella McMaher’s net worth?

Ans: $204 Million.

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