The benefit of six different types of yoga poses which relieve stress and tension, and improve flexibility at the same time

The benefit of downward dog pose: stretches your back and strengthens your hand and wrist, improves circulation and blood flow, improves posture, etc.

1. Benefit of downward dog poses:

2. Benefits of the Plank poses:

Plank will improve your posture, balance, and coordination, build stamina and improve flexibility, and mental health.

strengthens back muscles, arms, shoulders and improves circulation, and improves spine posture

3. Benefit of Upward Dog poses

Strengthens the wrist, arms, and abdomen while stretching your upper back.

4. The benefit of crow poses:

Strengthens your shoulders, arms, legs, and back, improves focus, balance, and stability, and improves circulation

5. Benefits of warrior one poses:

Stretches in your hips, groins, and shoulders and develop balance and stability, improving circulation and respiration.

6. Benefits of warrior two poses: