Utah’s Great Salt Lake started to dry up for the second time this year, which causes an enormous threat to both the environment and economy

According to data, the Lake’s surface water dropped to 4,190.1 feet, which is the lowest ever since the levels were measured in the mid-1800s.

Salt Lake in present-day drought is the result of Climate Change and an increase in water consumption.

According to experts, in upcoming years, the level of water in the Great Salt Lake will rise and drop.

This causes a Drastic effect on local wildlife, as the lake supplies an essential source of food for around 10 million migratory birds.

The Shrinking of Salt Lake may cost serious damage from the harvest and mineral industry section to the tourism section

According to US Drought Monitor, the drought conditions will continue for the next three months in Utah

According to the report, The Utah State Legislation has passed water conservation bills and allotted around $40 million to replenish the Great Salt Lake.