10. Auto Racing

The estimated $5 billion global market value of auto racing places it among the top ten.

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According to a recent estimate, the value of the cricket business, one of the most well-known sports, hit $6 billion this year.

9. Cricket

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Tennis, which has grown in popularity over the past years, has a $6.06 million global market value.

8. Golf

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One of the most popular sports worldwide is still baseball. It currently has a $40 million market value worldwide.

7. Baseball

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With a market value of $60 billion worldwide, ice hockey is one of the top five most valuable sports.

6 . Ice Hockey

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Basketball, one of the top three global games, is the most valuable sport, with a $90 billion global market value.

5. Basketball

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Cycling, unquestionably the most difficult sport, has a staggering worldwide market value of $57.49 billion.

4. Cycling

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Golf is sometimes regarded as a sport for the rich, with a $7 billion global market.

3. Golf

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The global market for American football commonly referred to as rugby is estimated to be worth $200 billion.

2. American Football

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Football is the most popular sport in the world and has a market value of $600 billion worldwide.

1. Soccer (Football)

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